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Why I named my stoma

I remember being very overwhelmed whilst in hospital. I had plenty of time to ponder as I was there for two and a half months. I googled a lot, trying to find out about others people’s experiences with stoma surgery. I found out that many ostomates name their stoma. This was different, I was amused at first and chatted with some of my fellow patients with new stomas like me. We decided to come up with some names. One named […]

Questions to ask before ostomy surgery

Hi, my name is Clare and I had emergency surgery to remove my large bowel and to form an ileostomy. Because it was emergency surgery, I didn’t get the opportunity to ask questions beforehand, and I think it would have helped me cope better with what I had to face. As hindsight is always a good thing, here are a few of the questions I would have asked my surgeon. 1. What is the name of the surgery I am […]

My life with Tomas

Hi, my name is Clare, and I had ulcerative colitis for about thirty years with the obligatory hospital stays along the way to help with flare ups. In about September 2015, I started with another flare in my rectum. After a few months of trying various enemas and Pentasa granules, it was time for prednisone. By now I was starting to feel very poorly with lots of running to the loo only to miss it now and again. It then […]