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    i have had my stoma now for 14 years , and for some reason i have started getting a few leaks , not many but at night time , mainly due to my Stoma retracting , i have been told to use convex bags , and they seem to be be working , what causes the Stoma to Retract , i am a very active 70 year old male love walking and riding a bike , thank you for a great web site ,



    Hello Bob
    The stoma retracting is just the natural movement or peristalsis of the bowel.
    It does this during the course of the day but the effects of this are more noticeable at night when you are lying down and the stoma slips to or below skin level.
    The convex pouch helps by putting a small amount of pressure on the peristomal skin and encouraging the stoma to sit out further.
    Thanks for your lovely comment on the website.
    Best wishes

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