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Navigating events with an ostomy

Socialising and going to events, such as concerts, weddings, family gatherings or house parties with an ostomy can be a bit scary at first. But with a little bit of preparing, Alisa shows how anything can be done. Click to read more.

Your ostomy community is only one click away

Alisa shares how having an ostomy has improved her quality of life and enabled her to have experiences she would never of had without having surgery. The ostomy, J pouch, chronic illness, disability community is very diverse but there is something for everyone within these communities to help you live your bigger life. Click here to read Alisa’s blog.

You, me and my stoma

Alisa shares how having a stoma shouldn’t affect your relationship with a partner. Your bag does not have to define you, and it does not have to be a part of your relationship, because they are not dating your bag, they are dating the person who has walked through a rocky road and survived. That is something to be proud of. Click here to read Alisa’s blog .

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Staying in and going online

Staying in is the new normal for Alisa with the Covid-19 pandemic. Here’s how she is still managing to continue nursing studies and look after her mental health from her home.

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My first year as an ostomate

Alisa looks back on her first year with a stoma; embracing the positives and the lessons she has learned. Read My first year as an ostomate.

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Nursing school with an ostomy: the beginning

Alisa has just started Nursing School in Finland, a year after getting “Stevie.” She says “I have been through multiple surgeries and done some serious mental gymnastics to get where I am today, and I am beyond excited to hopefully help someone else in the future.” Read her first blog with us to find out why she needed a stoma and what it has allowed her to do.