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My best advice for new ostomates

The first bit of advice that I would give to an new ostomate would be to that you have to weather the storm at the beginning. For me I found the beginning the toughest, I didn’t even look at my stoma until a week after the surgery. You have so much new information to take in at the start it is very overwhelming. Learning how to manage and change the bag is difficult but I found after a lot of […]

What to do with a stoma blockage

I have had one blockage since I have had my stoma. What I would recommend to anyone who gets a blockage or anyone who thinks they have a blockage is to get it checked out by your doctor or stoma nurse straight away, because you never know what can be causing it. What happened to me when I had my blockage was nothing had gone into the bag for two days and I was vomiting alot. So I decided to […]