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Ileostomy food tips for a good output

Andy’s shares helpful advice for ileostomates on what to eat to manage output. To read Andy’s advice click here. Meet Andy

Surviving the first couple of weeks after stoma surgery

Andy’s shares helpful advice for new ostomates on recovery in the early after stoma surgery. To read Andy’s advice click here. Meet Andy

Advice for obtaining and sampling new stoma products

“Samples also give you an obvious opportunity to “try” any product before committing yourself, but if you remain unconvinced as to a products usefulness, feel free to ask for additional samples.” To read Andy’s full blog post about his advice on obtaining and sampling new stoma products, head over to A bigger Life’s community by clicking here to read more. Meet Andy

Keeping hydrated with an ostomy

“There are however two well known home-made solutions that are easy to produce – both should be chilled prior to drinking, and can be flavoured in any way you want …. Just sip through the day.” To read Andy’s full blog post about the two home made solutions he uses to keep hydrated throughout the day, head over to A bigger Life’s community by clicking here to read more. Meet Andy

Intimacy with a fellow ostomist

“Firstly, be comfortable with your body. We all have a stoma which was created for a reason – mine saved my life, and as such, I’ll always be grateful for its existence. Therefore, I’m not prepared to hide it away. Your partner should (in my opinion) love you for who you are. ” To read Andy’s full blog post about his advice on intimacy between couples who both had a stoma created before their relationship started, head over to A […]

My Ostomy Travel Kit

“Having a small travel kit of stoma supplies can be very handy to cover all eventualities we will all encounter when out and about, such as leaks, changes or adjustments. I often travel and will always have a travel kit with me – I have one in my desk at work, one on the motorbike, and a third if travelling – all three kits are identical in content.” To read Andy’s full blog post about what he puts in his […]

Have you named your stoma?

Whilst talking to fellow ostomates, I’ve discovered that some people like to give their stoma a name – after all, it’s a huge part of their lives. However, what’s behind the name…. do you have a comical name, or a name that has meaning? As a bit of fun, I’ve asked my friends on the Facebook group “Singles for stoma’s” what they call theirs. The group is worldwide, so there are some interesting and varied names ! Andrew simply calls […]

My experience of a one piece and two piece ostomy bag

The very first Stoma Bag you used would have been fitted by the hospital immediately after your operation, and the chances are, it would have been a clear bag, with the contents visible. This would be by design, so they can monitor your output and make sure things are working as they should be. The bag would also have been a “one piece bag” from a specific manufacturer. The reason they do this is because most manufacturers will have an […]

Andy shares his funny stoma stories

Ever since I have had my stoma created, some funny things have happened to me relating to it. When I say they are funny, they weren’t at the time, but looking back, I still giggle just thinking about them …. Here are three examples …. I’d love to hear yours. Don’t be shy, remain anonymous if you wish, but hit the comments button below and share your embarrassing humorous story! 1)  Just after I had my stoma created, I was […]

What actually is a stoma, and what is the history behind it?

Most people reading this have a stoma, but how many of us actually know what it is, or why we have it …… Every day, the number of people who have a stoma increases – they are believed to number around one and a half million around the world. What is a stoma The dictionary definition of a stoma is from the Greek meaning “mouth, or opening” – it is usually created as a result of a Diverticular disease. A […]