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My experience wearing support wear

My experience wearing stoma support wear

Everyone is different, it is all trial and error the same way that people change types of stoma pouches if it doesn’t work for you. To read more about Aneica’s experience and advice wearing stoma support wear click here. Click Meet Anecia      

Ostomate at university

“Be proud of how far you have come, it was a massive step for me and I am surprising myself and go on my first placement really soon.” To read more about Aneica’s university experience click here. Click Meet Anecia

Can a picture speak a thousand words when you have an invisible illness?

They say a picture speaks a thousand words…… But does it, if you have an invisible illness??? This picture was the day after I got told, my stoma is badly inflamed and ulcerated, but sure the show must go on. As stated in my previous blog I was upgraded from Ulcerative Colitis to Crohns Disease. My life still goes on as normal as I can make it, I go to work, play my camogie and enjoy life. However there are […]

Experience of working with a stoma

In Feb 2018 I started as an Auxiliary Nurse in my local hospital, this was a big deal for me as I had applied for nursing courses at Queens University Belfast. I was doing three to four 12 hour shifts a week, I found myself comfortable coming to work and my ileostomy was no different than any other day once I got settled in. I had worked in 7 different wards but not once did I mention I had a […]

Bowel tests with a stoma

When I was admitted to hospital I had to go through a series of bowel tests. When you have a stoma as a result of having your large bowel and rectum removed, things are slightly trickier. I had to get a MRI of my small bowel as results were showing inflammation… I hate that word inflammation brings so many horrid memories. Back to the point, I went to an area with a table and a lonely chair. I parked my […]

Difference between my planned and emergency ostomy surgeries

After 3 years of living with Ulcerative Colitis my body decided to reject every medication available to me at the time, in 2014 I was told I needed surgery one day and a few days later… I was giving my consent for the operation and wearing the trendy blue gown to be wheeled down to theatre. I was not scared at this point, but was hopeful of what life I was going to live with my stoma. I didn’t have […]

My experience of a stoma leak

This blog is really personal; admitting about my embarrassing experiences of having a leak is a big step. A leak is when the contents of the pouch leak outside of the pouch. Having a stoma is not always plain sailing, things can happen at any time which may be out of our control. All ostomates hate the dreaded word ‘LEAK’, when I first got my ileostomy I had a couple of leaks and thought it’s happening because its new and […]

My stoma bag changing routine

When I get up in the morning I am like every single person wakening up. Pressing the snooze button on the alarm for five minutes… and another five minutes. Like any other person, you eventually get out of bed to go to work. I get washed and then get cooper sorted, I usually change my bag after a bath or shower as I feel the bag isn’t as effective as a new one would be. As a carer I have […]

How I order my ostomy supplies

Having a stoma means having to order repeat prescriptions regularly, I am grateful to receive my stoma supplies free from the NHS. I understand that this isn’t the case for all ostomates but I will not go into, too much detail on that… it is how I get them is what I want to blog about. I used to work in a pharmacy for a period of time where I was able to get my supplies in there which was […]

My experience of mucocutaneous separation

Some of you may have seen my Fixers project on UTV on the 7th of September. It was recorded approx. 8 weeks ago where I looked healthy and had everything going for me after my previous two operations. I like to be complicated lol!!! 5 weeks ago I was admitted to hospital long story short I am now 3 weeks post operation with a new stoma Cooper (RIP BOB ?). This surgery has been the toughest yet, simply because I […]