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Getting back to doing what you enjoyed before surgery

Socialising for many people that have just had their stoma can be a very anxious time but I want to make it less anxious and hopefully you will be out dancing and having a great time. I was extremely anxious and nervous when I went out for the first time, as I thought what if people see it? What if it leaks? What about the toilets? Can I have some alcohol? These questions were always at the back of my […]

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Returning to exercise following surgery

I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis at the age of 16, knowing that a stoma could be ahead of me in the future, I hated the thought. For an athlete to be told that, was just unimaginable, the illness itself put me into shut down mode then to be told 3 years later I would need surgery to have my colon removed was heart breaking. But I researched, talked to two amazing inspirational people and found out that I could […]

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How a bigger life can help you

A stoma is something that people have a lack of knowledge about, people may know someone that has one but are not really sure about it. So this community group is for people that need a stoma whether it’s an ileostomy Urostomy or a Colostomy, and family members and friends. In my opinion it’s great seeing people online, social media etc. talking about their stomas and it gives people an inside of what having a stoma is like and it […]