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a bigger life blogger who is tackling dehydration with a stoma

Don’t forget to look after yourself!

Getting a stoma for many people will mean the end of extreme pain and illness, so it can be easy to forget that you still need to look after yourself.   Caitlin shares how forgetting to look after herself in the heat left her dehydrated.  Here’s how she plans on making sure it doesn’t happen again.

Coping with a stoma is different for everyone.

Your health and emotional state are linked and sometimes things can seem overwhelming. We all cope differently in these situations and it is important to learn that it’s perfectly normal to have bad days. Find out how our blogger Caitlin deals with the difficult times in this short blog.

ostomate on holiday

Travelling – my tips for packing stoma supplies

“Travelling has never been an issue with me.  The only hassle I’ve ever experienced is at airport security when you walk through the scanner; that’s more of a nuisance than anything else.” Click here to read Caitlin’s tips on what supplies to pack for travelling. Meet Catilin

A Bigger Life blogger

Dealing with body image when you have an ostomy

“I would tell myself that I am beautiful and strong. I would tell myself to give myself a break; that I almost died from an illness I had no control over. I would tell myself to appreciate my body and to care for it the best that I can.” Click here to read about how Caitlin dealt with her body image after ostomy surgery Meet Catilin

a bigger life blogger who shares her experience of living with a stoma

Caitlin: Too much sugar can cause me to have a lot of ostomy output

“I’ve also been making smoothies a few times out of the week. They are delicious and filling. For the month of February, I have decided to cut out some sugar intake…Too much sugar also causes me to have a lot of ostomy output.” Click here to read about Caitlin’s progress on her New Year’s resolution on how she’s further improving her health. Meet Catilin

A Bigger Life blogger shares her experience of staying healthy with a stoma.

Caitlin: My New Year Resolution

I am also trying to make a better effort in eating more and healthier foods. We started making smoothies daily. We use frozen fruit, apple juice, peanut butter, and Greek yogurt. I’ve never been one in the past to really do any type of New Year Resolution. However, this year is a little different. I definitely think my boyfriend has positively impacted this. We have both decided to get into shape. He has decided to start a soccer league again […]

Finding clothing that works with you and your ostomy

There really shouldn’t be a huge change in the clothes that you wear, unless you have lost a lot of weight following surgery. If you feel confident and comfortable in your clothing, you don’t have to change what you normally wear. Click here to read more from our blogger Caitlin on what clothing works for her. Meet Catilin

Stoma friendly smoothie

Caitlin: My stoma friendly smoothie recipe

Diet can throw up many barriers for ostomates and sometimes it’s trial and error to discover what works well and what doesn’t. This was the case for Caitlin after her ostomy surgery. She eventually visited an IBD dietitian and discovered the perfect smoothie for any ostomate. To discover the recipe to this amazing smoothie, head over to our community by clicking here to read more. Meet Catilin

Health insurance and cost of ostomy supplies

I’ve seen many articles recently about out of pocket expenses with Ostomy supplies. I’ve recently run into a very stressful situation regarding my health insurance and cost of supplies. My health insurance covers Ostomy supplies but I have a separate deductible from my regular medical deductible and only covers 60% where my normal coverage for medical care is 80%. I kept receiving expensive bills from my medical equipment company and couldn’t understand why. When I called my health insurance company, […]

What’s on the menu?

Having my ostomy for 7 years, I have had a lot of time to experiment with different ­­­foods. What I have noticed is that everyone is different and not all ostomates are alike.  I will never forget when I went to my first Ostomy Conference and everyone was drinking alcohol and they served salad as the first course. To me, this was VERY surprising because I cannot tolerate either of those anymore. My stomach gets very unhappy when I drink alcoholic […]