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Toilets – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

We all know the saying, when you gotta go, you gotta go!  When that happens out in public you really hope it will be a sparkly clean toilet with all the facilities, but sometimes that is not the case. Clare takes a humorous look at some of the toilets she has encountered– the good, the bad and the ugly.  How many of them have you experienced?

The Pre Surgery Nerves

Nerves before surgery is completely normal and everyone has them. Clare had surgery recently and discovered just what a rollercoaster it can be.  Find out how she got on.

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How friends and family can help after stoma surgery

It can be hard to ask for help after surgery, and for family and friends it is hard to know how to help a loved one during their recovery. Clare Mee shares some tips for both ostomates and their loved ones from her own experience.

Understanding the pros and cons of revision surgery

Weighing the pros and cons of revision surgery

Having revision surgery can be daunting. The whole idea of it can induce some form of anxiety and this is ok because everyone is different and its perfectly normal to feel this way about any form of surgery. Find out how our blogger Clare weighs up the pros and cons of her own revision surgery in this short blog.

Going for stoma surgery

Your life in their hands

Clare reflects on her surgery from the surgical team’s point of view, and how important it is to trust them.  Head over to a bigger life’s community to read more. You can also follow Clare on her blog. Meet Clare

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Living with a stoma: Is it a good life or just a different life?

Clare Mee shares her feelings about living life with a stoma compared to being very ill with IBD. Click here to read more. You can also follow Clare on her blog. Meet Clare

Poem about stoma surgery

A poem about stoma surgery

Clare shares her story about life change through poetry, head over to a bigger life’s community to read the poem by clicking here. You can also follow Clare on her blog. Meet Clare

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To tell or not to tell others about your stoma

“I personally thought it would be better for me to tell everyone I knew about my surgery. I have been extremely open, and for me I am happy to do that. But not everyone is the same and I know people with a stoma who don’t tell anyone other than close family.” Clare shares why she has no problem telling others about her stoma, head over to a bigger life’s community to read the full blog by clicking here. You […]

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De-stressing with a stoma

“There are days when things get a bit much with my stoma. Either I have gone over my three day then change routine, or my stoma has been particularly active and watery, therefore causing a lot of itchiness under the pouch. It is worse if I am at work or out the house because I can’t do anything about it at that time.” To read Clare’s blog post about how she de-stresses when things become overwhelming for her, head over […]

Getting through stoma surgery with a little help from your friends

I have been thinking a lot lately about support networks, at home, work and socially, and I really believe that you can come to terms with your surgery if you don’t bottle it up and don’t avoid people. I know I have mentioned this subject before but think it is such an important part of recovery that it needs more discussion. “If you think someone is being cruel or they don’t understand, then see it differently, turn it around. It […]