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Reaching out to an online ostomy community for support

Talking to other ostomates who understand your struggles and challenges can be a great step towards living your bigger life with a stoma. Especially for new ostomates, the positive impact of online communities cannot be overstated. Click here to watch Clare’s video on how the ostomy community has helped her stoma journey.

A Bigger Life blogger

Me and my stoma – 4 years on

Clare looks back over the last four years since she had her stoma surgery. It’s not quite how she had planned to spend her stomaversary! Read the blog to find out more.

Am I classed as disabled?

From reading blogs and articles from ostomates, some view their ostomy as a disability and others don’t. In this blog Clare asks the question- is having a stoma a disability?


New year new me?

Clare has decided to get fitter and healthier as a New Year’s resolution. Teaming up with a friend has made it a little less dauting as they head to the gym for the first time. Here’s how and why she is going to make some changes.

Clare Mee partner helping

What’s it like when your partner or close family take on a carer role?

After surgery you might need some help with personal care, but what is it like when a family member or partner takes on that role?  Clare shares her experience of the times when her husband has taken on the role of carer.

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Toilets – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

We all know the saying, when you gotta go, you gotta go!  When that happens out in public you really hope it will be a sparkly clean toilet with all the facilities, but sometimes that is not the case. Clare takes a humorous look at some of the toilets she has encountered– the good, the bad and the ugly.  How many of them have you experienced?

The Pre Surgery Nerves

Nerves before surgery is completely normal and everyone has them. Clare had surgery recently and discovered just what a rollercoaster it can be.  Find out how she got on.

a bigger life blogger

How friends and family can help after stoma surgery

It can be hard to ask for help after surgery, and for family and friends it is hard to know how to help a loved one during their recovery. Clare Mee shares some tips for both ostomates and their loved ones from her own experience.

Understanding the pros and cons of revision surgery

Weighing the pros and cons of revision surgery

Having revision surgery can be daunting. The whole idea of it can induce some form of anxiety and this is ok because everyone is different and its perfectly normal to feel this way about any form of surgery. Find out how our blogger Clare weighs up the pros and cons of her own revision surgery in this short blog.

Going for stoma surgery

Your life in their hands

Clare reflects on her surgery from the surgical team’s point of view, and how important it is to trust them.  Head over to a bigger life’s community to read more. You can also follow Clare on her blog. Meet Clare