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Life with an ostomy pouch can be much more than you think

I am celebrating living for eight years with a stoma. Before this there were those dark days living with Ulcerative Colitis, not knowing what tomorrow would bring, to a life with a bag that I totally embrace. I raise awareness every day about living with a stoma – a life I know full well that not everyone can accept as I do; but my love is for my life that I now get to live with my loved ones. Keith […]

Keith Thomas Accesible Toilet

Using an accessible toilet

There has been more awareness in recent years of hidden disabilities, but many ostomates still face hostility when using an accessible toilet. Here’s how Keith handles that situation.

Bigger Life blogger Keith, the king of staying positive

Sharing your experience with others

Deciding whether to tell people about your stoma is a personal decision. Keith has found it helpful to share his experience with others, and in doing so has been able to help other ostomates. He shares his thoughts on ways to help others and stay positive in this blog.

Keith Thomas

Going back to work; in the driver’s seat.

Working with a chronic illness is difficult and unfortunately isn’t possible for many people. After getting a stoma, Keith was looking forward to getting back to work but opted for a change in career. Here’s his story of getting back into work along with tips to make it a less stressful experience.

Keith with his award

Winning with a stoma

Getting a stoma gave Keith his life back and he has embraced it to the full since then.  Six years ago he decided on a career change and became a bus driver. Read about his exciting journey to becoming “bus driver of the year” in this blog.

Bigger Life blogger Keith, the king of staying positive

A positive outlook makes anything possible.

Keith Thomas, an ostomate of seven years, has a great positive attitude to life. Keith shares his take on adapting to life with a stoma in this blog. Warning….his positivity is infectious!