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Time for change

Lauraine has had a stoma for 35 years, which has been successful in restoring her bowel health. Unfortunately, she has suffered from additional health issues in the last five years, taking its toll on her mental health. Not one to give up, Lauraine is determined to embrace the life she has and make 2020 her best year yet. This honest and real blog shares how she has reached that conclusion.

A Bigger Life blogger

Say NO to Dr. Google!

We all do it. Google your symptoms to try and figure out what is wrong. But is it helpful? Lauraine says definitely not from her experience, and here’s why.

Explaining your stoma to the children in your life

“I think honesty is the best policy as children are so accepting of things. She never mentioned it after and was soon jumping on my lap wanting me to read another story.” Click here to read more from our blogger Lauraine on telling the children in her life about her stoma.

What exactly is normal?

“So what is normal? I don’t think there is a ‘one size fits all’. We are all individual and will have different perceptions of ‘normal’. It’s about finding what works for you and becoming the best you can based on your circumstances.” Click here to read more from our blogger Lauraine on what normal means to her.

Accessing mental health support following ostomy surgery

When you get a new stoma formed there are various factors that impact on how you recover from a physical, mental and emotional level. Everyone is different and surgery can affect everyone in different ways. Click here to read more from our blogger Lauraine on her experience of dealing with her mental health. Meet Lauraine

When life gives you lemons

I’ve had about 30 operations and procedures since 1985 when I first became ill. I’ve always bounced back. I remember when I had my ileostomy in the late 80s, within a few weeks I was being dragged up some mountain by my husband! A history of bowel disease and severe endometriosis certainly meant lots of hospital involvement but I did ok on the whole. Or maybe, I became complacent. I came to think it was normal to have all these procedures and […]

Lauraine Clarke: My journey of living with an ileostomy and fistula

How we all take our health for granted! Until I started to experience bowel problems 33 years ago, I’d never given my bodily functions much thought. I’d always been reasonably well apart from those recurrent mouth ulcers, constipation, fatigue …. (bit of a clue there maybe). That all changed when in 1985 I started to notice a mucous like coating on my poo, this progressed to blood and eventually proctitis – as confirmed by the dreaded sigmoidoscopy. Having never heard […]