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Just married – bride with an ileostomy

On Friday 29th September this year I married my best friend and soulmate, the very person who has been by my side through all my “sickness and health”. Our family and friends from far and near (even as far as Australia) gathered at 3pm to watch us become one, all the love and emotion that surrounded us was overwhelming. The sun shone long enough for us to get some amazing pictures overlooking the Fermanagh lake lands and I felt like […]

Hen Party: The Do’s and Don’ts

Since I haven’t blogged in awhile, I thought I would tell you all about my recent hen party in Benidorm. On the 28th April, myself and 17 of my close friends and family set off for a crazy weekend in Benidorm, and what a great time it was!! I was instructed to wear white on the day of travelling which is usually a “no go” for any ostomate due to potential leaks. However since I was the bride to be, […]

Top 5 questions about my ostomy

Question: Do you still fart? Yes but involuntarily haha. Question: Do you still do a normal poo? Eh no because there’s nothing connected down there anymore. Question: Do you miss having a good poo? Never really thought about it haha. Question: How do you have a bath and go swimming? Like everyone else does. Question: Do you know you are having a poo? No not really but sometimes u can feel warm against your skin. Meet Lisa

What to do with a blockage

Unfortunately every time I have had a blockage, I have been hospitalised for pain management and IV fluids. I’m not going to lie, blockages are incredibly painful. My blockages have always been due to adhesions (scar tissue). However a blockage can also be due to something you have eaten. If this is the case total bowel rest (no food or fluids), a hot drink or warm bath might be enough to clear it at home without a hospital visit. They […]

Tips for getting a good night’s sleep

I try not to eat anything after 6pm and empty my bag just before bed. This cuts down on visits to the toilet during the night. By doing this I often go all night without having to empty at all. In terms of tiredness, I must admit I sometimes push my body until I’m forced to listen to it. I carry on with 12 hour shifts, night shifts, gym and in the middle trying to keep up with social events. […]

Support from family and friends is key to recovery

I discussed this with both my mum and my best friend. My best friend said that the best emotional support she could give was to not treat me any different than before I had surgery. In fact she admits to sometimes forgetting that I have a bag as she says nothing has changed except the way in which I go to the toilet. My mum says that for her in the early days after surgery she knew she needed to […]

Coping with a hot climate

Having been on holiday several times with “stammy stoma”, I’m well aware of the effects it can have. Most importantly I always ensure that I drink more water than I would back home. This is important for anyone but for someone with an ileostomy it is essential. Along with sweating more and stoma output, this can put us at serious risk of dehydration. I always know when I am a bit dehydrated as I just don’t feel right. I have […]

Odour solutions for ostomy

Odour can be a problem and a little embarrassing sometimes especially if you know someone else is waiting for the toilet after you. Unfortunately there is no way to prevent it other than to get to know the foods that produce a particularly bad odour, for example onions, garlic and cheese. However I love all of these foods and would not avoid them just for the sake of a smelly toilet. I do however carry with me in my handbag […]

Alcohol and my stoma

I’ve noticed that since having surgery that my alcohol tolerance levels have definitely decreased. Apart from me getting older haha, I think this is due to an increased stoma output (common with alcohol) which leaves me a bit dehydrated. The next day I feel just terrible. I don’t drink that often but when I do, I now try to drink a glass of water in between my wine. This has helped considerably. Meet Lisa

Travelling on a plane with my ileostomy

I generally haven’t had much bother travelling on a plane with my ileostomy. I have travelled to Vegas, New York and Mexico with no problems. I would say however that aeroplane toilets are not designed for us. They are tiny, and the flush is terrible. However I have always managed by emptying fully before boarding the plane then just a few times as required on board, depending on what I have eaten. As for airport security, again I haven’t had […]