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Tips for having a useful and healthy outlet

Self Pity… I despise that term; or maybe it’s the term “pity” in general. More likely it’s the latter, whenever people ask me about the disease or the permanent ostomy bag on my stomach, the expression and tone of the conversation always turns to that pitying look and demeanour. I used to think it was a good thing, people will feel sorry for me and they won’t expect as much of me right? Wrong. This is a trap, not only […]

Emptying your bag on the go

There is something to be said about having the advantage about being able to go anywhere; at anytime. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating walking into your local Safeway and emptying your pouch on the floor; that’s not what this is about. However, I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t something that took me quite a little bit to tweak and figure out. How EXACTLY did I empty my pouch in situations where I had no restroom […]

Controlling your emotions after ostomy surgery

Controlling your emotions after any kind of traumatic ordeal isn’t easy; and having a surgery that completely changes your basic human bathroom functions is going to be pretty well up there as far as making your emotions go a little haywire for a bit. Little Tip: IT’S OK!! Trust me; I know what it feels like to go through it, here are a few solid ways of managing that emotional turmoil. 1. Working Out: I know this is an obvious […]

Why you should be honest about your health issues

So many of us hide our health issues, I know I did for years. All through High School all of my teachers and peers just thought I was a slacker, skipping school for fun. A thug who got in fights and got suspended all the time. Nobody ever bothered to figure out why I did those things, why I was so angry all the time and sad; why I couldn’t look anyone in the eye (due to my anxiety). However […]

Going to the gym and staying active

First I want to make something clear, you already have your body back! Your ostomy surgery didn’t take that away from you, it didn’t change who you were as a person and individual; it simply changed your body and made you more unique. Personally I now feel more in control of my body than I ever did when I had Ulcerative Colitis. I’ve been wanting to write this article for a long time, I remember one of the first questions […]

Experience of my first bag change on my own

I have to admit, coming out of the hospital I was dreading my first pouch change on my own. I kind of knew how to do it, the nurses taught me before I left but… it’s much different those first few times. I didn’t know what pouches worked for me yet, what system I was going to use, I was terrified of my pouch falling off while I was at school or something. I just wasn’t experienced and the entire […]

Restrooms for ostomates

This is actually a crucial time to write this article, with the arguments about Transgender bathroom usage reaching an all-time high in the USA at both the local and state government levels; I felt it was time to write about our own bathroom struggles as well. How many times have you stopped at a gas station and had the attendant deny you usage of the restroom? How many times have you had a restaurant or fast food joint DEMAND that […]

What to bring to the hospital on surgery day

So you’ve got your surgery scheduled, you’re probably either A. terrified or B. really excited (more likely a combination of the two). You’ve gone through the ropes with the Stoma nurse, you’ve practiced changing a fake bag; and now you’re finally ready TO NOT BE SICK ANYMORE! What the heck do you bring to the hospital? How long will you be in there anyway? The answer to this question is it really depends, sometimes people are in the hospital for […]

Tips for getting through college with an ostomy

If you’re in college like myself with an ostomy, or are getting ready to go off to college; chances are you’ve thought about how you’re going to deal with everyday college life and your Ostomy. This won’t be the only article I write in this series, but I thought I’d compile a handy tool guide list of the best tips that have gotten me through school so far! 1.Carry extra supplies with you! Personally I’ve never had a leak at […]