Coping with a stomal fistula



Waking at 5am with a bad leak two days after surgery isn’t much fun, you can’t leap out of bed as quickly. Oh well, onwards and upwards.
This is an unusual complication of IBD and stoma surgery. When having surgery I didn’t really know about or expect any weird and wonderful extra complications. I know of many with an abdominal fistula, which has its own issues, but I only know of one other with a fistula attached in some way to a stoma.

A fistula is an abnormal tract that links two organs and my fistula links my small bowel to the skin right at the very base of my stoma. Clare shares a blog post debating on whether or not to get surgery to repair a fistula that is affecting her stoma.

To read Clare’s blog post, head over to A bigger life’s community by clicking here to read more.

You can also follow Clare on her blog.

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