Preventing dehydration during chemotherapy

If you are suffering from diarrhoea during chemotherapy it is very important to drink plenty of fluids to avoid becoming dehydrated.
Find out how to make your own rehydration drink with our simple solution.

Possible side effects on your stoma during chemotherapy – Diarrhoea

We have create a series of short videos highlighting the possible side effects that may affect how your stoma functions if you are having chemotherapy. Diarrhoea is one of the most common side effects when you are having chemotherapy. Please remember help will always be at hand from your stoma nurse, colorectal cancer nurse, oncology nurse, doctors and your GP. Do report side effects and issues.

Interacting with Stoma Nurses during Covid-19

Hear from Kate, a community stoma care nurse. Covid-19 and social distancing measures has brought a new way of interacting with health care professionals. Kate, a community stoma care nurse in Ireland shares how she is continuing to keep up contact with her stoma patients despite face to face restrictions in place. Have you had any contact with your stoma care nurse during Covid-19? How did it take place? Head over to our community and start a discussion

Preparing for your virtual nurse appointment: Helpful tips and advice

Hi, I’m Louise, I’m a stoma care nurse and I wanted to have a word today about the COVID-19 pandemic, which is having a major impact on most parts of the world. So, our hospitals are the front line and many are restricting access to their sites. One consequence of this is that some clinics are moving to virtual appointments, using Skype, FaceTime or similar. If you are going to have a virtual appointment with your stoma care nurse this […]

Breast feeding with a stoma

Breastfeeding with a stoma

Having a stoma won’t prevent you from breastfeeding your baby if you want to. Here are some tips that might help.