Can a picture speak a thousand words when you have an invisible illness?

Aneica Duffy

Aneica Duffy

Don’t get me wrong there are times in which I find it hard to cope and have to let a cry out but I wouldn’t be normal if I didn’t.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words…… But does it, if you have an invisible illness???

This picture was the day after I got told, my stoma is badly inflamed and ulcerated, but sure the show must go on. As stated in my previous blog I was upgraded from Ulcerative Colitis to Crohns Disease.

My life still goes on as normal as I can make it, I go to work, play my camogie and enjoy life. However there are days I have zero energy, bed bound for a day or two in pain to the point it would take the breath from you. Then dealing with a stoma that acts the little shit (no pun intended aha) can get on top of you mentally. From this picture would anyone be able to say all this was happening to me? The hardest part for me was going to all the biologics again as I thought I was done with these medications.

From being medication free for almost 3 ½ years, I was on Humira were I was taught to self-administer injections every two weeks (I hated needles but did it because I wanted to get better). My body doesn’t like to make things straight forward and I didn’t respond to the Humira. I am now trying vedolizumab, so have to go the hospital for infusions hoping for a response to make my stoma and Crohns Disease better before I start my nursing in February. FINGERS CROSSED!!!!!

The continued support I get from those close to me is grateful, the motivation and drive you get from playing with your team is what is getting me through these past few months. Don’t get me wrong there are times in which I find it hard to cope and have to let a cry out but I wouldn’t be normal if I didn’t.

This blog isn’t for sympathy for me by no means, it is for someone who is having a bit of trouble like myself and thinks is it only me, why me. We are made of steel 😉 I recently seen a quote that is standing by me which is;

‘Difficult Roads Lead to Beautiful Destinations’

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  1. Sorry about your upgrade to Crohns Aneica – you’re a very strong young lady with a great attitude and you’ll find your way through this. My stoma was 50 years old on Sept 13 – I had a party for myself with a cake with a rose on top. I was upgraded to Crohns when my Ileostomy was made permanent in March ’70 – but thank God I’ve never had further episodes. Good luck with your nursing.

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