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Aneica Duffy

Aneica Duffy

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Hello my name is Aneica Duffy, I have a wee friend who is with me everywhere I go and his name is ‘BOB’ the stoma. I am from a small village in Co. Derry called Foreglen. I had my first surgery in September 2014 which I was very lucky to have been given an Ileostomy. I had the completion of the surgery in Feb 2016. So BOB is for life.

Quick Questions

What do you do in your free time?

My past time is doing activities that people would say since I have a stoma I can’t play. So I play camogie, it’s like hockey except scoring different. It’s a contact sport and its great fun. I also swim, and take part in running, well I did the Belfast relay in 2015, it’s the first but it’s a start. I am also involved with an amazing charity here in Northern Ireland, Let’s talk Crohns and Colitis NI and do fundraising etc. for it. So really I am a sporting fanatic and I am glad to share it with my wee friend.

Who would you want to play you in a movie of your life?

If someone was to act me in a film it would have to be Sandra Bullock, simply because in Miss Congeniality she is great fun, great sense of humour and doesn’t listen to the negatives and of course is a complete Tom Boy like myself but loves to get dressed up occasionally.

What would be your dream sandwich?

A sandwich that I love has to be a Tayto cheese and onion. May sound disgusting to some but it makes my day extra special when I get one, it’s the simple things right? 

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