Talya Goding

Talya Goding

Talya Goding

Blogger Bio

I have been an ostomate since 2013, when I also started a blog Feeling Ostomistic to share my journey and lessons learned. In my blog I share my journey as a 26 year old facing terminal cancer with an ostomy and trying to help others along the way. In 2017 I launched The Ostomistic Life, a free online magazine for young ostomates.

Quick Questions

What do you do in your free time?

In between working on my blog and my online magazine, I am often watching Netflix or sleeping. I sleep a lot due to my pain and medications, I am on high doses of pain meds for my cancer and tumours. I’ve been unwell the last 3 weeks and have slept 90% of the day. But I have also been doing mini bucket list adventures when I’m not unwell and able to get out and about, it gives me a sense of a thrill to be doing stuff I’ve only imagined for years! I try to live life to the fullest each day and some days that means sleeping.

What is your perfect pizza?

My favourite pizza is Hawaiian which is pineapple and ham covered in cheese, I miss eating it since my ostomy surgery (pineapple causes me issues now) but I do order it still and pluck off the pineapple and get the juice and smell still… but another is called the Aussie where you have cheese, bacon, egg, onion on a tomato base.

Where would your dream holiday be?

My dream holiday would be visiting Canada and riding the train through the alps or a river cruise and see the mountains and glaciers. Ever since I chose Canada as a grade 6 assignment I’ve wanted to go!  

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