Dealing with sore skin around your stoma

Lorraine Patrick

Lorraine Patrick

At some point most of you have probably had sore or itchy skin in the area around the stoma where the flange sits.

Hey guys today I wanted to share with you my tips for dealing with sore skin. At some point most of you have probably had sore or itchy skin in the area around the stoma where the flange sits. Personally I use Cavilon barrier spray and Eakin Slims.

The spray puts a thin coating on your skin to help protect it from becoming sore and the Slim, which is a small, thin moldable ring fits snuggly around the stoma to help prevent leaks.

I find both of these items together work well for me. But sometimes my skin just has a bit of a protest and throws the toys out of the pram! This results in tender, itchy skin which can drive me insane.

Recently after a bag leak I needed a quick change and although I used the spray I didn’t put a seal on and within a couple of days my skin was very sore as you can see from the photo at the top right.

Then when I next changed my bag I added the moldable ring and within a few days my skin was fantastic. So if you have a look at the before and after photos below you’ll see what a huge difference this little Eakin Slim makes to my skin.

Something else I do occasionally is sit with no bag on and a puppy pad on my lap to let the air get round my stoma skin as I feel this can be helpful but try to make sure if anything comes out of your stoma that it isn’t against your skin as this kind of defeats the purpose.

I hope this is helpful, until next time, take care.

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  1. Since changing to a Coloplast bag with a pre-cut opening just a week ago, my skin has healed dramatically. I use a barrier wipe after cleaning the skin at bag change time. I’ve only had the stoma 11 weeks but this is the first time I have been pain free. Up until now the skin has been incredibly painful and bleeding too.

  2. its the opposite for me on leaving Hospital a yera ago this october i was told to use a miriad of appliances to attend my illeostomy over the next 6 months or so i had numerous leaks & accidents & very little backup from my stoma support nurses , never a phonecall from them only when in desperation i had to seek some sort of help & guidance , so i decided to take control myself , i started to look for a better method myself , i contacted various suppliers & tried numerous pouches & various potions & lotions for the skin & leak reduction , out went the pelican pouches out went the mouldable rings & the various skin products , through a lot of trial & effort i have found little is best for me so i now use Oakmed pouches convex type they have fantastic adhesive qualities i use Astoa flange extenders top & bottom these are not really needed but becuase i am very active they just give me more security & the only skin product i use is the Peri-Prep sensitive protective film sticks & this i apply around the base of my stoma only , the key to good adhesion & clear skin is good oersonal hygene when pouch changing & nothing else , since adopting this metood my leakages & accidents are i would say about 2% & this gives me great confidence i also eat & drink what i like & manage by knowing how foods & drinks effect my output , but nothing seems to have any adverse effect , so thus works for me & i would suggest to any fellow Stoma patients if you have problems do not be afraid of trying things for youself & contact the numerous suppliers as i found they are more helpful than most stoma nurses after all its your body & no pne knows your body better than yourself GO ON GIVE IT A GO , with kind regards from john .

    • Hi John.
      I live in New Zealand, but after reading your comments I can say your problems are the same as we have here. I found my stoma nurses were not there for me at all. There was never a phone call to see how i was coping. If I had to ring them they wereest not at all helpful, so like you, I decided to look after myself. So with the help of the internet and a lot of trying different products I am now coping ok. I am using an Eakin pouch and a Hollister Adapt seal. Together they seem to work ok. I should say I have a colostomy.
      All the best. Ngaire.

    • I would like to say I found my stoma nurse to be very helpful, I would also say I am very wary of trying different things but after reading your article I will be more open to trialand errore

  3. I am 16 weeks out of surgery for a permanent colostomy and sad to say my experiences were exactly the same as John and Ngaire. Not once has my stoma nurse phoned me, I have rung her 3 times and she never returned my calls. I eventually went online and found Ostomates in Australia a Facebook group, they have been wonderful, lots of support and all my questions answered, thank goodness for social media I say! What is it with these stoma nurses? I thought it was their job to stay in touch and make sure everything is going well. My stoma nurse put my first order in for me but didn’t give me a copy so I knew what to order next time. I had so much trouble, getting codes for products I needed to order, finally got it right on the 3rd order. I recently tried the Dermacol about to change my base plate, flange, wafer whatever you call it, it will be interesting to see how it’s gone, I haven’t noticed any leaks so fingers crossed.

  4. I must be one of the lucky ones as the care I received from my stoma nurses was excellent. I’m sorry to hear so many of you have no support. To be honest I too found trial and error the best way to go as we are all different and different things work for each of us. There are groups on social media that can be helpful but try to remember that you will also hear a lot of negative experiences there too as that is where people go for help when things go wrong. Good luck to all of you guys, Lorraine x

  5. A good read, I have a GP that insists on F.O.B tests. but they always come back positive due to granulation bleeding into the bag, Any-one else have this problem?

  6. I am a caretaker of my Partner who has a Colostomy. I have found great help, tips and support from a site I found online when I had no one to help me help her. It was there, that I found out how to do so much with the little we had in supplies that were allowed her through her insurance. She does not have a stoma that sticks out so her skin always gets raw, and bleeds.. it’s tough to go through with her, but we manage. Don’t ever give up and never be afraid to try new things… good luck to all

  7. I have used the Eakin seal since I had my ileostomy 8 years ago. Have tried other sample seals but always come back to Eakin as I have found it simply works the best. I do have to use an adhesive remover at change time, a testament to the seal’s adhesive properties. I also wipe a small bit of Skin Prep around the base of the stoma and mould the Eakin seal around the opening on my flangemaking sure the surface is tacky before applying to my skin. Keeping things as simple as possible, I have managed quite well with minimal problems. Thanks Eakin for a fantastic product.

  8. Triple crusting is the way, I think you need to heal it faster and Barrier Spray alone might not promote healing, relief perhaps, but there are two goals when Stoma skin is that excoriated. I too found rings do help, but they’re no better than the adhesive on the appliance, I.E., you need true healing besides relief.

  9. I suffered terrible with my skin it was raw and bleeding and I couldn’t get my bag to stick it was very traumatic but with the help of my stoma nurse and team who were fantastic they gave me a bottle of betamousse which I have to say after trying loads of different products was a life saver …I’m now using the aloe slim rings and a Sands pelican convex pouch my skin still acts up at times but the mousse soothes it

  10. Hi Lorraine,
    Is there a way to send you a picture of my problem stoma?
    I would love to have a stoma like yours ! AND your problem !!!

    Been putting up with it, trying every method every sample in the stoma magazine I receive, NO GOOD.

    Any help that worked and I’d would faint with shock and happiness.

    I still love my Stoma, gave me my life back !!!

      • I’m having really bad problems with my stoma at the moment and although I’ve been to see my stoma nurse, she hasn’t really helped me to find a solution! Could I also send you a picture of my problematic stoma to see what you think. My skin is so sore and itchy I’m at my wits end 🙁

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