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clare mee

How do you empty your stoma bag when out and about?

I am thankful that I haven’t had to change my stoma bag in a public toilet ( except my work one but that doesn’t count) as there are often no shelves, no hooks and no mirrors. Does anyone have a different way of emptying their bag? Or any tips to help make things easier? Click to read more.

Navigating events with an ostomy

Socialising and going to events, such as concerts, weddings, family gatherings or house parties with an ostomy can be a bit scary at first. But with a little bit of preparing, Alisa shows how anything can be done. Click to read more.

clare mee

Understanding your feelings as a new ostomate

Any chronic illness can cause depression and anxiety, so that can alter the way you perceive the way things will turn out, this in turn will make things ten times worse than they actually are. I was like this pre surgery and everything seemed so awful and scary. Clare shares the feelings of a new ostomate.Click to read more.


Andy debunks common myths about living with a stoma

Having a stoma will not stop you doing anything at all once you are fully recovered and that is very important to understand. It will not shorten your life, nor will it will not stop you eating your favourite food. What it will do however, is make you pain free. it will give you a quality of life that I bet you forgot about, and you will have your health back. Andy shares the common myths surrounding stoma surgery. Click […]

Keith Thomas

Life with an ostomy pouch can be much more than you think

I am celebrating living for eight years with a stoma. Before this there were those dark days living with Ulcerative Colitis, not knowing what tomorrow would bring, to a life with a bag that I totally embrace. I raise awareness every day about living with a stoma – a life I know full well that not everyone can accept as I do; but my love is for my life that I now get to live with my loved ones. Keith […]

Choosing the right ostomy products for you

It really is trial and error in getting the correct ostomy products to help manage your stoma. There is a solution for every problem and can make the difference in living your bigger life. Clare shares how using the correct ostomy products for your needs is essential in managing your stoma. Click to read more.

Your ostomy community is only one click away

Alisa shares how having an ostomy has improved her quality of life and enabled her to have experiences she would never of had without having surgery. The ostomy, J pouch, chronic illness, disability community is very diverse but there is something for everyone within these communities to help you live your bigger life. Click here to read Alisa’s blog.


Reaching out to an online ostomy community for support

Talking to other ostomates who understand your struggles and challenges can be a great step towards living your bigger life with a stoma. Especially for new ostomates, the positive impact of online communities cannot be overstated. Click here to watch Clare’s video on how the ostomy community has helped her stoma journey.

You, me and my stoma

Alisa shares how having a stoma shouldn’t affect your relationship with a partner. Your bag does not have to define you, and it does not have to be a part of your relationship, because they are not dating your bag, they are dating the person who has walked through a rocky road and survived. That is something to be proud of. Click here to read Alisa’s blog .

A Bigger Life blogger

Me and my stoma – 4 years on

Clare looks back over the last four years since she had her stoma surgery. It’s not quite how she had planned to spend her stomaversary! Read the blog to find out more.