Can I still have a baby?

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  • After stoma surgery your contraception may need to be reconsidered if you are a female and normally use the contraceptive pill. It would be advisable to talk to your GP or family planning clinic as some medications are absorbed differently and may not be completely effective if you have an ileostomy.
  • There are lots of contraception options available so it would be really important to explore all the available treatments and find one that works best for you.


  • Having a stoma should not make the slightest difference to your ability to conceive and carry a child.
  • Pregnancy is a really good sign that your body has healed from surgery and is able to perform well.
  • The main questions or queries would be does my stoma get bigger? The answer is yes, as your abdomen grows and stretches so will your stoma. You may need to increase the size of your baseplate or flange. You should visit your Stoma Care Nurse for regular check-ups.
  • Can I deliver my baby normally? Normal delivery is recommended in most instances, there are always exceptions so it is best to discuss with your midwife and your doctor and explore all the options.
  • Enjoy your pregnancy and your baby!


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