Live Q&A with Sarah our Clincical Advisor – 29th November 7-8pm (GMT)

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Managing the skin around your stoma: Live Q&A with our Clinical Advisor

Do you suffer from sore, irritated or red skin around your stoma? Want advice to help manage the skin around your stoma?

On Thursday 29th November between 7-8pm (GMT), our clinical advisor will be live on our community to take your questions on managing the skin around your stoma, any concerns you have about your stoma and more. No questions are too silly, please feel free to come and join us!

To contribute to the conversations, you will need to register on the community but don’t worry its quick and easy. Once your logged in you can ask questions, share your advice or simply just say hello to the rest of the community. Sign up here.

To get updates on when our Q&As are coming up and for further details, register your interest here.

Below is the list of times the Live Q&A will be at around the world.

What time will we be live in your city?

London – 7pm
Dublin – 7pm
Berlin – 8pm
Amsterdam – 8pm
New York – 2pm
Johannesburg – 9pm
Sydney – 6am
Wellington – 8am
Los Angeles – 11am
Austin, Texas – 1pm

We look forward to seeing you there!

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