Getting through stoma surgery with a little help from your friends



I am happy that I managed to get out there and help others. I am glad that I joined the Ileostomy association, I am glad I joined lots of forums, I am glad I write my blog letting the world know about life with a stoma.

I have been thinking a lot lately about support networks, at home, work and socially, and I really believe that you can come to terms with your surgery if you don’t bottle it up and don’t avoid people. I know I have mentioned this subject before but think it is such an important part of recovery that it needs more discussion.

“If you think someone is being cruel or they don’t understand, then see it differently, turn it around. It isn’t whether you are good enough for them it is whether they are good enough for you, you are seeing if that person shows they are good enough to be in your life, not the other way around.”

To read Clare’s blog post about having a good networks of friends following stoma surgery, head over to A bigger life’s community by clicking here to read more.

You can also follow Clare on her blog.

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