A Stoma Shouldn’t define you.

it’s just a small part of a bigger life.

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We don’t believe having a stoma should define you. We believe it’s just a small part of a bigger life. You will find clinical advice and inspirational blogs from other ostomates and carers, all designed to help you live well with a stoma.

If you have a stoma, know someone with a stoma or care for someone with a stoma, this is the place for you.

Our clinical advice covers everything from pre-op to recovery to getting back to everyday life. You will find blogs, infographics and articles in each of these journey stages.

The funny side of ostomy life Community

The funny side of ostomy life

We can have some amusing times with our stomas, we have to laugh at ourselves and try and see the…

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Journey Stage

It’s a Start

Bringing comfort and clarity to the what, why and how of impending ostomy surgery.

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A New Way Forward

The first 90 days. A Helping hand with you through recovery, adjustment, getting familiar with your stoma care routine and easing back into being and feeling yourself.

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To a Bigger Life

Settling in. Support, ideas, encouragement and experiences to help you live a bigger life. Advice on returning to work, travel and getting back to your hobbies and interests.

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