Effects alcohol can have on your pouch

Eating and drinking

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We live in a very social world, people like to go out and have a drink and go out for a meal. Having a stoma shouldn’t stop you from doing this.

Some ostomates have noticed the difference between different wines. For instance, red wine can cause you to have looser bowel motions. Lagers and anything with fizz in it can cause you to have a lot more wind. Sparkling wines like prossecco can cause you to have more wind, so you might have to empty your pouch more frequently if the output has loosened because of the red wine or the pouch is full of wind.

Beers and lagers can be quite gassy, therefore they can cause you to have some more wind within your pouch .

The most important thing is to ensure that you drink in moderation and you’re able to manage your stoma and your pouch without any problems. Alcohol has a dehydrating effect on the body, so it’s important to continue to drink water whenever you are having an alcoholic drink. Especially if you have an ileostomy and your fluid levels can fluctuate, dehydration could be a big problem for you. You should be alert to the dehydrating effect of alcohol and try to prevent that from happening.

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