Gift ideas for ostomates in hospital

If you have a friend or a family member in hospital, bringing a gift to them will help lighten their spirits and keep them entertained.

Incase you’re stuck for ideas, we came up with a list of items you can bring as gifts:

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1. A Gift Card
Anything from iTunes to an amazon gift card, this is for people to download music, films, podcasts, audiobooks etc for entertainment.

2. Extra-long charger cord
Some sockets are out of reach and can be difficult to get into a comfy position whilst your phone, ipad or whatever electronic is charging. So, having a longer charger cord can make a huge difference.

3. Something for their children
This could range from colouring books, card games etc. if the person you’re visiting has children. This will keep the children occupied so the person you’re visiting can recover smoothly instead of worrying if their children are bored in hospital.

4. A goodie bag
This could be a mix of a lot of itty-bitty things combined in a gift bag, like; Lip balm, toothbrush, fluffy socks, snacks (if diet allows them to eat it), magazines etc.

5. Toiletries
This could include someone’s favourite shower gel, toothpaste, dry shampoo or anything they use personally so they can use at the hospital.

6. Ear plugs and eye mask
The hospital can be a noisy environment so reducing the noise can be a blessing to some people, and an eye mask can help people fall asleep easier.

7. Socks
Having a pair of cosy socks whilst in a hospital bed can be comforting. Particularly, socks with a grip on the sole of them, so when the patient starts to walk about there is extra support.

8.New pyjamas
New comfortable pyjamas are nice, so people can have a change of clothes instead of using the same pyjamas repeatedly.

9. Blanket
The hospital can be cold so an extra thick layer to keep someone warm can do the trick.

10. Books
Escaping the hospital and having a trip to your imagination land makes time fly by. Find out the favourite genre of the person you’re visiting and find a good book in that genre to give them.

Do you have any gift ideas to share? Let us know by emailing [email protected] we would love to add them to the list!

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