Questions I have been asked about my stoma

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Questions my friends and family have asked me about my stoma

I have been very open with my friends and family about my stoma so they are familiar with my situation but it did take a bit of explaining. When I had my pre-counselling session with my stoma nurse she explained about life with a stoma, I immediately shared this information with my family members. I still get some questions….

  • My Grandad asked me if I had a pipe coming out of my stomach! I explained no it was actually my intestine coming out of my abdominal wall. He found it more difficult to understand.
  • In the beginning people would ask where I carried this bag, as if I should swing it over my shoulder! HAHA
  • Many would ask what a stoma is and what it looks like. When I showed them they would have more of an understanding.
  • Friends ask can you swim and share with a stoma. I would tell them it’s water proof, I can do all the activities that anyone else can.

From experience I find it much easier to inform people about my situation, so I feel more comfortable when I’m in their company. Being open about it makes it less stressful if unexpected noises or leaks happen.

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