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If you are in a relationship it is important to be open and honest with your partner about how you are feeling following surgery. Sexual function in women is usually unchanged, but sexual potency of men may sometimes be affected for a short time.

For physical recovery you need to give yourself 4-6 weeks for healing before trying to regain your full sex life. Within these first couple of weeks do not forget about touching, kissing and cuddling as they can help provide the intimacy that you and your partner need.

In order to be able to feel comfortable and relaxed, some tips would be:

  • Empty or change your pouch before beginning sexual activity.
  • It may even be possible for you to wear a smaller more discreet pouch.

Some companies have created really nice underwear that hold your stoma bag in place but at the gusset there is velcro. This aide’s intimacy without having to remove all of your clothes.
Some men prefer to wear a t-shirt during sexual activity to cover the stoma. Alternatively, some companies have created support bands specifically designed to support the bag and keep it discreet.


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