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Staying in and going online

Staying in is the new normal for Alisa with the Covid-19 pandemic. Here’s how she is still managing to continue nursing studies and look after her mental health from her home.

Bigger Life blogger Keith, the king of staying positive

A positive outlook makes anything possible.

Keith Thomas, an ostomate of seven years, has a great positive attitude to life. Keith shares his take on adapting to life with a stoma in this blog. Warning….his positivity is infectious!

Coping with a stoma is different for everyone.

Your health and emotional state are linked and sometimes things can seem overwhelming. We all cope differently in these situations and it is important to learn that it’s perfectly normal to have bad days. Find out how our blogger Caitlin deals with the difficult times in this short blog.

Accessing mental health support following ostomy surgery

When you get a new stoma formed there are various factors that impact on how you recover from a physical, mental and emotional level. Everyone is different and surgery can affect everyone in different ways. Click here to read more from our blogger Lauraine on her experience of dealing with her mental health. Meet Lauraine