Tips to improve your mental wellbeing

Mental health problems can affect anyone, 10th October is World Mental Health Day and is a great day to show your support for better mental health and start looking after your own wellbeing.

We have some tips you can take to improve and maintain your wellbeing both mentally and physically.

1. Talking to others
Mental well being describes how you are feeling. Whenever somebody asks, “How you feel?” your automatic reaction is “I’m fine.” But really, you need to talk to people and tell people if you’re not fine. We would really encourage you to reach out to others, be honest and share your feelings.

2. Be active
It’s important to try and build physical activity into your daily routine. You’re not expected to be able to walk miles or run a marathon. If that’s what you can do, fantastic, but if an achievement for you is getting out and walking down to the shops or going to visit a friend, that’s really important, and that will help keep your mood up.

3. Diet
There’s a big relationship between your diet and your mental health, so it’s important to eat well. Make sure you have good nutritious diet, eat what you like, when you like. This will help your mood and your energy levels.

4. Keep hydrated
Hydration is another important thing. Make sure you are drinking well, choosing healthier drinks is a key part of a balanced diet.

5. Sleep

We all love a good nights sleep but sometimes we go through a period when we’re not getting enough shut-eye, it’s important to work out the reasons why and find ways to help. Sleep deprivation can affect our mood, our attention and our performance at work and school. You can find tips here for getting a good nights sleep.

6. Support groups
There’s lots of mental health support groups either online or one-to-one. Talking to people with similar experiences or feelings can help. It can work both ways, you can receive help and support, as well as share it with others. If you would like to talk to others about living with a stoma and the challenges you are facing, is a safe and welcoming space.  

7. Hobbies
Another tip would be do something you are good at or trying something new, if you like crocheting, painting or if you like writing blogs. Hobbies can help with your mood and thought process. Don’t worry about being good at them, just enjoy yourself.  

What advice or tips do you have for looking after your mental wellbeing? We would love you to share them on

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