Managing a stoma with multiple health conditions

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For some people their stoma is only a small part of multiple other health conditions that you might be experiencing. Sarah shares her hints and tips to help you manage your stoma amongst other health problems.


If you are on medication before you have your stoma forming surgery it’s important to make sure they are still going to be effective depending on where they are absorbed within the bowel or stomach. Have a discussion with your pharmacist about what medication you are on to ensure you aren’t going to lose the effectiveness.

Placing your stoma

If you are in a wheelchair it is important that when the nurse is siting your stoma it’s done in your wheelchair. This ensures that you will be comfortable with the placement of the bag. Of course it isn’t always easy to get an absolute ideal position but least if it’s done in your normal position sitting in a wheelchair it will be the easiest access for you.

If you have suffered from a stroke or have a weakness in a certain side of your body you can speak to your Stoma Nurse on where the best place for your stoma would be. Traditionally an ileostomy has to be on the right hand side but if for some reason your right hand doesn’t work and makes it difficult for you to manage your stoma on that side, be honest and open with your surgeon and Stoma Nurse who might be able to place it on your left hand side of your abdomen.

It is important to know how your ostomy interacts with your other conditions so if you need further advice you should contact your doctor or Stoma Nurse.

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