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Achieving good stoma pouch adhesion helps to prevent problems. We have a few hints and tips to help you achieve this.

1. Make sure your pouch is cut out to exactly the right shape and size. This is to allow the pouch to adhere well around the stoma and onto the peristomal skin.

2. Whenever you are washing and drying your skin, make sure you dry it thoroughly. Some people would use a hair dryer, on a cool setting, hold it away at arms length so you have no risk of burning your peristomal skin, around 10-15 seconds would be enough.

3. Another common thing is people use baby wipes or wet wipes for handiness. Even though they do say they have no additives or no oil, they do leave a residue on the skin which can effect the adhesion of your pouch. It’s okay to use them in a emergency once or twice, but not continuous use because it will contribute to your pouch leaking. If you have experienced your pouch leaking and you do use baby wipes, we would advise you to stop and just use water and dry thoroughly to achieve a better adhesion.

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