Louise shares what inspired her to start her own ostomy support show

Hi, I’m Louise,

I came up with The IBD & Ostomy Support show on Youtube. The show came about with the aid of vodka and late night ideas. I then roped in some other lovely ladies, Rachel Jury Stephie Simpson Natalie Gardner & Nic Murray. Ultimately the show wouldn’t work without the other bloggers and advocates that co-host the show with me. I was inspired to set the show up as there was a gap in a niche market to be interactive as well as informative.

I decided the show should cover everything within the IBD & Ostomy umbrella. The reason being for this is that so many people are getting given the wrong advice and taking what others say as gospel. The show is more of a go-to guide and point’s fellow sufferers in the right direction.

The aim of the show is to share people’s experiences and stories with other people. We aim to give people the anonymity should they wish to have it. But our main aim is to highlight all IBD and ostomy-related issues that we all deal with on a daily basis.

We understand that some people are uncomfortable posting and asking questions on the groups. So with the topics, we cover they can watch and get the advice they might need without the need for doing that and retain their anonymity. We talk about daily life to show people that we can still have lives regardless of our stomas and other medical conditions.

We are all there to support others and give non-judgemental advice. Our inboxes are always open to hear from you and to give advice. The one thing I will add is that none of us are medical professionals. We will always urge you to seek medical advice where needed.

You can join us every Thursday night 8pm-9pm (BST).

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