What are the signs of a blockage?

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Tips on what to do when you experience a blockage

If you have a posible blockage, the following signs and symptons might occur:

· Your stoma may become swollen

· Have little or no output

· Experience some cramps and pain

· Disetension of the abdomen

· Vomiting and experience nausea

· Muscle cramps

· Decrease in urination

· Dry mouth

If you think you have a blockage, here are some things that you can do. Stop eating solid food and drink plenty of fluids, preferably warm fluids to help to dissolve food causing the blockage. If the stoma has become swollen, you might need to change the pouch or make the opening slightly larger. Have a bath to try and relax the muscles, try bringing your knees up to your chest or massage your abdomen.

If the pain becomes servere or you become dehydrated, call the doctor or ask someone to take you to the hospital. It is really important that you do not take laxatives or any medication without speaking to your doctor. Unless your health care professionals have advised you to,do not insert anything into your stoma.

If you are vomiting and or you have no output, you should not drink or eat anything. Don’t wait too long to call a doctor, if you feel something isn’t right please do seek advice.

For more advice on dealing with a blockage, check out this video.

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