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Within the first three months it is not unusual to experience some issues but don’t panic. Fortunately, most of these issues can be fixed with a few adjustments and can be very easily managed.

It is not uncommon to develop some leakages when you are starting to learn how to manage your stoma. They can develop in a number of different ways, but fortunately we have lots of options to help you deal with them.

Within the first 6-8 weeks your stoma will shrink in size but don’t be alarmed when you first see it. The process to ensure your appliance fits is pretty straight forward. Use your measuring guide once a week to measure the size of your stoma and cut your pouch to the most appropriate size. By doing that you should be able to prevent and manage any leakages. Once your stoma settles and you get more experience of fitting your pouch, it will get better.

Sometimes the first pouch you choose is not the correct pouch for you in the longer term. If your body shape changes – put on weight or lose weight, or you become active – you may need to try alternative pouches to obtain a reliable stoma management routine.


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