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Starting university or college can be an exciting but daunting time for anyone. If you have an ostomy, you are likely to face additional challenges and have more concerns and questions. Top tips to for preparing for university or college:

  • Speak to your course director, just so that they are aware that you do have an ostomy and may need to leave the class or go to the toilet. This helps prevent any questions asked or having to give any explanations during the class.
  • Familiarise yourself with the campus layout so that you are aware where the toilets are, this will reduce any anxiety that you may have when you first start.
  • Find a comfortable backpack to carry your books in so you aren’t adding any extra weight because you will have to carry a little kit with your ostomy supplies in it.
  • Stay hydrated and eat little and often. If you lectures go on for a number of hours it is important you don’t fast as this will fill you up with wind. It is useful to stock up on snacks to keep with you.
  • If you are staying in student accommodation, try to get a room with an en suite bathroom so that you have a little more privacy.
  • It’s entirely up to you who you want to tell. If you are sharing a house with other students it might make it alot easier to tell them. It is always harder to keep a secret.

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