Not everyone copes with having an ostomy in the same way

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Types of people living with an ostomy

With the rise in Facebook and personal blog sites you may have seen many campaigns raising awareness about living life with a stoma. The people involved in these campaigns are really passionate about improving other people’s knowledge and making life easier for those people who maybe aren’t as open.

In the middle there is people who share their experiences on a dedicated blog site but keep it separate to their personal social media posts where friends and family can see.

On the other side we have people who are living with a stoma and no one else knows anything about it. They may talk privately in closed forums but wouldn’t discuss it publicly. That is the beauty of human nature, that we are all different and should all be accepted for who we are.

Know that you are never alone there are many support networks for both online and offline. Find your local ostomy support group here.


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