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Some people living with a stoma are concerned about using public toilets while out and about. Although you are not classified as having a disability or being disabled, you are entitled to use disabled toilets. Around the globe there are various ways to access locked public toilets.

Within the UK there is the radar key which offers you access to around 9,000 locked public toilets across the country. Keys can also be purchased for £4.50 from Disability Rights UK directly, phone: 020 7250 8181 or visit Disability Rights UK

The European Disabled Toilet Key is suitable for the German toilets on the autobahn (motorway) and for public toilets in many cities in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and in a few more European countries. You can order your key via mail or directly on their website

America is very good for providing access to disabled toilets with many of them not being locked. If you know of any USA equivalent to the radar key please do let us know.

The Master Locksmiths Access Key (MLAK) allows people to gain 24/7 access to accessible toilets across Australia. The Master Locksmiths

A lot of disables toilets in Japan are also ostomy friendly with extra space and shelves for appliances. There is signage at the entrance of the toilet room to indicate it is a facility for an ostomate.

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