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If a pouch is fitting well there should be no odour unless emptying or changing the pouch.

What to do if you notice a smell

You should check for a leak, it is normal for your bowel motion to smell different after surgery as a portion of your bowel has been removed.

Certain foods that may alter the odour

Baked beans, onions, green vegetables, cauliflower, spicy foods, fish and eggs.

Tips to manage odour

Foods – Natural yogurt, parsley, peppermint.

Deodorisers – drops and sprays

If you find that odour is a particularly troublesome problem, you should record a food diary and try to work out if there is some food item which is problematic.

Bloggers Experience

So what can you do? Well firstly, take note if what you’re eating is causing it, I find that some foods can make my output very pungent and others seem to have little effect… More 
Odour can be a problem and a little embarrassing sometimes especially if you know someone else is waiting for the toilet after you. Unfortunately there is no way to prevent it other than to get to know the foods that produce a particularly bad odour… More 

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