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Your tummy is going to be really tender, you will want very comfortable clothes and loose trousers.
It’s important to think about what makes you comfortable.

Some people like to wear lycra vest tops/ underwear to hold their pouch in tightly and distracts from anything else that you will be wearing.

There really shouldn’t be a huge change in the clothes that you wear, unless you have lost a lot of weight following your surgery. As long as you feel confident and comfortable in your clothing you don’t have to change what you normally wear.

High waisted skinny jeans sit nice and high on your abdomen and hide your pouch really well.

A scarf is a good accessory if you are self-conscious that people can see your pouch under your clothing as it distracts the eye from anything else.

For a lot of men they just go back to wearing their everyday clothes with some very minor adaptions.

Most importantly wear what makes you feel good!

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