Wedding dresses and clothing with a stoma

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What ostomates can wear

Initially your stoma nurse will tell you not to wear anything too tight but I disagree. I like to generally wear a spandex style top underneath any of my clothing, by having more than one layer you can’t really see much underneath.

For trousers you can always go for something a bit more stretchy rather than too tight. Just make sure the waistband isn’t hurting your stoma, otherwise we don’t need to dress in anything different we can dress in normal clothing.

Wedding dresses

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I recently just got married and for me my stoma was something to consider with my wedding dress. Being an ostomate with an ileostomy we tend to empty our bags often, so to have a big princess dress in a toilet cubicle is not the easiest.

I went for a small floaty skirt starting at the waist so it wasn’t affecting the bag at all. I had to consider that it wasn’t too tight over the area of the bag, otherwise as soon as it fills up it might have been noticeable.

There are ways around it even for a wedding dress 🙂

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