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Travelling on a plane for anyone can be a stressful experience, however if you are travelling with your new stoma for the first time or have had your stoma for a while, going on a plane can add that extra layer of anxiety.

Some tips to lower your anxiety and make the experiences less stressful would be:

  • Carry your travel certificate with you in your hand luggage. You can download our travel certificate here.
  • Be prepared and have a checklist with everything you could possibly need to bring on your holiday. You can download our handy holiday checklist here.
  • Divide supplies between your hand luggage and checked luggage. If you are only travelling with hand luggage you should take twice as much supplies as you would normally take.
  • If you wear a closed pouch it is a good idea to change it before proceeding through security so that it is as empty as possible.
  • If you are stopped at security you can ask to be searched in private if the security guard wants to look at your supplies. You could have your medical supplies in clear see through bags.
  • Wear comfortable clothing especially for a long haul flight.

Go for it and enjoy your holiday!!! Share your experiences, photos and adventures with us all.

Feel confident going through security

For more information and advice on passing through airport security, listen to our video with Deborah Harris from Belfast International Airport who talks through the process that you can expect at security. Click here to watch the video

Bon Voyage

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