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Living with a stoma

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Possible things you could do with supplies

Within the time of living with a stoma the vast majority of people try lots of different products. There will be a time that you will have some unwanted stock that you aren’t sure what to do with. It may be samples you have received, a different type of pouch than what you currently use, you have had a reversal and no longer need them or a family members has died.

A lot of nurses cannot take stock back into the hospital for use, your Stoma Nurse may well be your first point of contact, they would probably know of a local charity that has a collection point that you could send your supplies to.

Another source would be to contact your supplier or local pharmacy, they are often involved in doing collections of medication and different supplies that go off to developing countries.

There are lots of charities worldwide who collect and redistribute unwanted supplies to developing countries.

List of organisations that accept unused supplies

UK – Jacob’s Well Appeal

UK – Stoma Aid

USA – Friends of Ostomates Worldwide

USA – Osto Group

Ireland – Human Appeal

If you know of any organisations that collect ostomy supplies for donation, please email [email protected] with the details.

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