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Whenever you’re managing your stoma, one of the most important things is to order all your supplies at the same time.

Whenever you are placing an order, we recommend that you don’t place your order too late. There are some changes on how nurses, GPs and pharmacies work in that you must have your prescription up front and bring it in or send it off to the delivery service. That means it can take up to two weeks for your supplies to get to you.

So, it’s important whenever your half way through the supplies you start the process of ordering.

Your nurse may be able to give you a card to record all the information you need and keep in a safe place, so whenever you are ordering again you’ll already have the details name and code number of the products that you have.

That includes:

  1. Your pouches
  2. Base plates
  3. Accessories you are using eg) seals, sprays or wipes.

If you have your pouch or baseplate cut to fit, it’s important to keep an accurate record of that size, and make sure you change it every time you go to an appointment with your stoma care nurse and they will be able to update the size for you.

Only order what you need and if you stop using an item, just cancel it off the prescription. There are lots of people getting repeat prescription who have things at home that they don’t need to use.

If you use a delivery service, it might be good to identify a safe place where your delivery can come to and if you’re not in maybe it can be left with a neighbour, or a storage box outside your house.

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