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Where you can go to find new ostomy products that have been produced

Your Stoma Nurse can recommend new products

If you are under the care of your Stoma Nurse they will introduce you to new products and give you the opportunity to try them.

Manufacturing companies send samples

If you haven’t seen your Stoma Care Nurse for years and you’re using an older pouch but keen to try something else then your first port of call would be the manufacturers directly. You can do this through the company’s website or just phoning them and speaking to one of the customer service staff, they will be able to send you out some samples. Just be aware that if you are currently on a convex pouch the company won’t want to send you out a convex pouch sample without you running it past your Stoma Nurse. It is important to make an appointment first as the depth of the convexity pouches varies from one company to another.

Open days and support groups share news of new products

Keep an eye out if any of the Stoma Care Nurses are running open days because that gives you a good opportunity to go around all the different suppliers. If there is any support groups local to you they usually share the news of new products and may have samples to try.

You might come to the conclusion that what you’re currently using is best for you but it’s good to be aware of what’s available.


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