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Deborah Harris – Belfast International Airport

From A Bigger Life

Travelling for anyone can be a stressful event but traveling with an ostomy can add more stress to your journey.

Following on from many conversations we have had with people who have had difficult experiences, A Bigger Life have contacted and met with the security team at the local airport to discuss ways that we can all help make the travelling experience a more positive one.

Our meeting was really positive with the Belfast International Airport. They have agreed to look at the training previously provided to the security staff and identify any gaps in their knowledge. We are willing to help provide an updated training session to ensure that all security staff are appropriately trained.

If you have any specific concerns the security team are really happy to answer your questions – you can phone your airport security team before you travel and speak directly to them.

It may be possible to have a “walk through” security at a quiet time in the days or weeks before you fly in order to help alleviate any concerns you may have. Contact your local airport to discuss further how they can help.

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