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In the lead up to the summer months we have been thinking about tips to help you prepare for summer weather, hopefully the weather is going to be nice wherever you are living or travelling to on holiday.

With the summer, comes the risk that you are needing to drink a lot more, therefore your output might become a little looser. On the other side of that, if it’s very warm weather and you aren’t drinking enough you’ll run into the risk of dehydration. If you find your output is slowing down, or if you have a colostomy and you’re becoming a bit constipated, think about the amount of fluids that you are taking. Increase your fluids to ensure that your output from your stoma is functioning optimally.

Whenever you are going on holiday, you are changing the water that you drink and having different food, just be aware that these can impact on how your stoma functions.

You might be thinking about going swimming and that also might cause you to think about bringing more stoma pouches with you, in case you want to change your pouch a little bit more frequently.

There’s nothing to stop you enjoying the summer and enjoying the warm weather. Just be prepared and be aware of how the warm weather might affect your stoma.

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